Billion new internet users, are we ready for that? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Billion new Internet UsersIn the last couple of years, the internet has become part of our everyday life, we use it at work, we use it at home, we use it everywhere in between. Some of us even wear it (interactive gadgets with internet access). With the devices becoming more varied and more accessible, new markets are emerging, especially in the far East (Asia & Pacific region).

Currently there are over 2.4 billion internet users, and it is predicted that the number will reach 2.7 billion by the end of 2013. However, if we take a look at the predictions from the infographic below, by 2017 the markets of India, China & Indonesia, along with Africa will bring around a billion new users. It is also predicted that by next year, the number of mobile internet users will surpass the number of desktop users.

What does all this mean?

From my point of view, it means that global brands will have to invest more in the online presence, internet based workers (designers, coders, copywriters, SEO specialists, etc.) will have to increase their efforts due to a huge increase of cheap labor competition, but it will also be a possibility for high quality products and professionals to expand into “new territory” and find new rapidly developing markets.

Also, I believe many more global websites and communities, such as Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, and the job hunting communities will make effort to go more local, enabling (or enforcing) filters to language/country/region specific.

So much from me. I’d love to hear how do you see the future of the internet in the next four-five years? Do you think that the expansion to the east is for good or for bad?Also, please take a moment and share this post if you liked it.

Billion Internet Users InfographicImage: Flickr, ToastyKen