This is AirSERBIA, the new flag carrier of Serbia

airSerbia with crew


The derelict JAT (Airways), once the pride of Yugoslavia and one of the top airlines in Europe, has (after a very long period of struggling) finally found a partner that can bring it back to life. The government of Serbia has partnered with Etihad Airways, the national airline of the UAE to create a new company called AirSerbia (thank God they changed the name, since Yugoslavia ceased existing nearly a decade ago), as the successor of JAT (Jugoslovenski AeroTransport).

But it’s not just the name they’re changing – The new flag carrier of Serbia is going to have a fresh start, with a completely new fleet and a brand new identity.

Branding AirSERBIA

The visual identity was designed by a young designer, found on Behance after doing a JAT Airways identity project for her final exam. Just the discussion about it became a viral branding campaign of it’s own. While some alleged that the logo on the tail looks very “oriental”, others hail it for the clever integration of Serbian medieval visual tradition with the two-headed eagle (present-day coat of arms) and modern aesthetics. Off course, seeing the livery on a real aircraft, it looks way better than it’s plain sketches and models.

This is not only an effort to brand this new airline, but also to rebrand Serbia in the world, through it’s new flag carrier.

airSerbia 2

Photo credit: Air Serbia page on Facebook

What do you think about the new visual identity of AirSERBIA? Could it be done better? Do you look forward to see one of these planes in person?