Spend less fuel by only turning right. UPS does!

It’s not a joke, the reason you’ll never see a UPS truck take a left turn in the U.S. is that they use less fuel that way. Thus they both save money and reduce emissions by slightly altering their routes.

And the good news is, you can do that too! In fact, many European cities have altered their traffic flow in order to lower the number of left-hand turns as much as possible.UPS Truck

A couple of years ago, UPS engineers studied the routes their drivers used for delivery, and how to optimize their routes to increase efficiency, reduce fuel consumption and get drivers back to their centers earlier.

After some research, they noticed that UPS truck drivers wasted a lot of time and fuel sitting at intersections and waiting for the chance to take a left turn (essentially going against the flow of traffic). So, they came up with a simple rule: eliminate, or at least minimize left-hand turns. And the results are impressive. Since 2004 UPS has saved an estimated 10 million gallons of gas. Carbon emissions were reduced by 100,000 metric tons – the equivalent of taking 5,300 cars off the road for an entire year.

The theory has also been confirmed by the Mythbusters:
In the Mythbusters’ experiment, it took a little more time to complete the route, but it used about 30% less fuel.

So, are you willing to give it a shot and start driving this way? If not for the environment, then for your own budget!

Via: Inhabitat