reSapiens went cuckoo for a day or two. Sorry for the inconvenience

If you visited reSapiens in the last couple of days, chances are you might have seen an error page or an empty WordPress site in its place. Also, it you’re subscribed to our newsletter, you got a newsletter with a standard “Hello world” article.

I sincerely apologize for that.

Here’s what happened: I was moving reSapiens to a new (virtual) home, and the delivery truck got lost and circled around internet cables trying to find the address of the new home. The agency forgot to put the number plate on the house.

And for the geeky ones: The DNS propagation took a bit longer than expected and a combination of server and browser cache prevented me from completing the site migration. Meanwhile, a clean WP site was installed on the new server to wait for the domain to point to the new nameservers.

A new reSapiens is coming soon

It’s been years without major changes in the way reSapiens works and serves information to its readers. The internet has evolved a lot since, and as every other outdated site, we need to adapt in order to survive.

A refreshed, redesigned reSapiens will be released in the coming months, improving loading speed, navigation and general User Experience.

See you soon with the good old recipes, amazing places and a few new services. 🙂