“Palace On Wheels” – Camper Van Meets Luxury Yacht

"Palace on Wheels" camper

Camper van designers are getting more and more creative as new possibilities emerge to make best use of small space. Some go to such extent as to make a luxurious mobile home resembling a yacht on wheels.

"Palace on Wheels" camper interior

This camper model by Marchi Mobile called “eleMMent Palazzo” features plenty of room, great interior design, with a 40 inch tv, a fireplace, and even a rooftop terrace.

"Palace on Wheels" camper rooftop terrace

If this is your idea of camping, you can have this diesel-powered vehicle for US$3 million. Despite it’s size dimensions, this beast can reach speeds up to 150km/h (93Mph).

See more in the video below.

DesignTAXI, Carscoops