Instead of an Intro

About two years ago, I came across and instantly fell in love with a program like no other – Google Earth. Not that I’m the biggest fan of Google, but this program did change the way I look at geography, traveling and some other things in my life, like getting to know better my own city, or remembering the places I’ve visited in person. Of course, this program just wouldn’t be what it is without it’s partners, the most important ones being Panoramio and Wikipedia, and the people adding their photos, descriptions, reviews, videos and 3D buildings through them.

This blog isn’t going to be the software’s fan’s or developer’s blog, but something like a diary of a virtual traveler (yeah, that would be me 🙂 ), probably having more photos and screenshots than text, where I will try to gather the places I’ve visited (virtually), and to share what I’ve learned about them. So, in some way, I’m going to be your virtual guide.

How can it be useful except for entertainment? Well, you can, for example create a map by saving the screenshot image and editing it with any image editor. I’ve already created a few maps for this summer’s trip to Barcelona, and I’ve made one for an article at geaNostra. You can also find out what’s interesting in a place you plan to visit, in case it’s not already in your travel plan. This way I’ve discovered a beautiful park with a castle and a triumph gate in Barcelona we had luck to see without the tour operator. Usually the more interesting the place is, the more photos there are around it, and very often also a 3D model in case it’s a building. 😉

Most of the photos I’ll be adding are from Panoramio and of course they belong to their respective owners. I’ll be quoting and linking them to the original which can then be seen in the original size. If you are the owner and don’t want your picture to be here, please contact me and we’ll work it out.

That’s all for now, hope you’ll like it.