Halfbike, a new urban vehicle eco-friendly and fun to ride

Halfbike - light personal urban transportation

Halfbike is a new revolutionary personal human powered vehicle, a hybrid design combining features of a bicycle and a tricycle, flexible and easy to carry around, and, what’s most important, it seems it’s fun to ride.

Halfbike - light personal urban transportation

The designers took the core driving mechanism of a classical bicycle (a wheel connected to a crankset) and redesigned pretty much everything else. The result – a vehicle that trains your balance and reflexes in a new way.

Halfbike is available for purchase on Kickstarter. Shipping begins July 2015 on a first-come, first-serve basis. Prices start from $349.00 for the limited edition.

Halfbike II from halfbikes.com on Vimeo.

Website: Halfbikes.com

Via Inhabitat