Google autocomplete alphabet: These brands appear first for each letter – Infographic

You could probably guess yourself that Amazon, Facebook and Google are the first results that appear when you type their first letter into Google search. However, I’m sure some of these will surprise you.

These are the first brands that appear in Google’s autocomplete tool for each letter of the alphabet. The guys at Host Advice decided to create a comprehensive alphabet of auto completes according to Google, letter by letter.

The results were analyzed and compared on the global level, as well as local searches from USA, United Kingdom, Spain, Brazil and France, so you can also see what are the most popular searches in these countries.

The authors of the infographic have also asked an interesting question, could this become the new phonetic alphabet for the new “internet” generation? Having in mind that most of the internet users know these brands, I think it could very well replace the current one (Alpha, Bravo, Charlie…).