Favorite Musical Plays at West End

Favorite Musical Plays at West EndLondon’s West End is widely known for it’s theatrical scene. It has some of the most skilled actors and entertainers that the world has come to love. West End Theater has been one of the most flocked places in London. With over 30 theatrical performances and counting, the West End is home to some of the most laughable comedies, interactive musicals, classical period plays and dramas. In cities like Edinburgh, audiences will find popular shows, mainly Lion King Edinburgh, Wicked, Thriller and so on just to name a few to be enticing and immortal in memory.

Welcome to the Jungle with The Lion King:

The Lion King is perhaps one of Edinburgh’s most popular theatrical performances to date. The narrative story is adapted from the Disney feature film of a young cub named Simba who falls for his playmate Nala and is challenged with the responsibility of holding the reign as the king. The show has amazing actors and puppetry that mimic the movement of real animals. The scenery is sure to amaze children and adults alike, as they visually experience the majestic African music and explosion of multiple colours. The background, as scenery, is exhilarating and the characters are emotionally appealing as the audience watch Simba bravely meet his destiny.

Forevermore M.J in the Thriller:

Michael Jackson was and still is undoubtedly the most raved about pop star in London, in fact  world over! Thriller is a spectacular live musical rendition of the life and musical hits of Michael Jackson. The show is a exciting two hours of the pop star’s most treasured dance routines and musical performances from his humble beginnings with the Jackson 5 until his latest chart buster hits that are still enjoyed till date. Audiences still love the nostalgia of Thriller, Beat It, Billie Jean and dozens more. His electrifying hit Thriller is completely recreated with the same dance moves and zombie dancers that everyone remembers.

Reviving forgotten magic in Wicked:

Wicked is a delightful musical that will have audiences tapping their toes as they enjoy this story of two friends who wish to become witches. Their adventure begins with the challenges they undergo through to achieve their goals. They finally successfully reach their goals by standing for both good and evil. The music is very energetically woven throughout the play along with the dialogue. The audience will notice how loosely based the story is to the The Wizard of Oz, only this time with a surprise twist.

Learn living passionate dreams in Billy Elliot:

Billy Elliot is an amazing and emotional musical that tells the story of a boy named Billy who wishes to do nothing in but life but dance! His challenges arise when his father, who is a miner,  has his reservations about Billy’s goal as a dancer. Billy is now forced to go on his own and prove to the world and his father that he must keep his dream alive of being a dancer despite the odds. He secretly joins a Royal Ballet School and the adventure continues from thereon. The audience will be astonished at Billy’s bravery and amazed by the graceful dance moves that may bring about an emotional response to everyone in the theater! Billy Elliot is definitely one of the ace West End musicals that is not to be missed.

Author Bio: This guest post is written by Angelina Lawson on behalf of Box office London, aspiring filmmaker and collector of super hero memorabilia! She also enjoys cooking and occasionally, sketching.