Simple cold Nescafe with milk for a great start of the day

This is not an advertising for Nescafe. I just prefer it to any other coffee. And no 3 in 1, extra creamy, etc. just the one from the tin. I drink this almost every morning and it wakes me up and refreshes me.

Nescafe cup

It also needs less than a minute to prepare.


If your cup is perfectly dry, you can put the coffee and sugar first, otherwise, pour some milk, just enough to prevent it from getting sticky.

I put one full tablespoon of coffee and three of sugar into a 400 ml of milk. You can change these proportions according to your taste.

Stir for 10 to 15 seconds to blend it well. If you prefer it a bit more creamy, use the electric coffee mixer. Without the creaminess, it feels fresher to me, so I stopped using the mixer.

If you prefer it warm, heat in the microwave for about two minutes.