Barcelona – Part 1

Earlier this summer, I’ve visited the (IMHO) grooviest Spanish city, and the capital of Catalonia – Barcelona. It’s been a tour via Venice (Italy), Nice (France) and Monte Carlo (Monaco). I’ll probably get those other later 😉

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Here’s the map I’ve made for the occasion, off course with Google Earth:

The first thing we’ve seen in Barcelona was the Agbar tower (Arab word meaning “the great”, “the imposing”, which the building certainly is). It’s the headquarters of the city’s water management company. It’s even more imposing some nights when it’s lit in different colors.

Torre Agbar

by errece

ESPAÑA Torre Agbar, Barcelona

by Talavan

Fortunately, I knew what I’m looking at because I’ve studied Barcelona thoroughly on Google Earth, and learned many things our guide forgot to tell us.

Off course, our first stop was the most famous landmark of this city – La Sagrada Familia, or as it’s full name goes “Templo Expiatorio de la Sagrada Familia“. This is the most famous work of the worlds most famous architect – Antoni Gaudi. Here are some of the best photos from Panoramio:

Sagrada Família

by Frank Demmler

Nativity Facade, La Sagrada Familia

by skida

catalunya - Barcelona - sagrada famila, an tourioù 08

by Thenenan T.

Here is a great panorama of northern Barcelona seen from the Sagrada Familia.

catalunya - Barcelona - sagrada familia, gwel war norzh ar ger

by Thenenan T.

Our next stop was the Montjuic hill, where the Olympic stadium, Calatrava tower, National Arts Palace, the Montjuic fortress, the Spanish village and several other important objects are situated. Just below it seats the Plaza de España (Spanish square), with it’s corrida, the Barcelona Fair grounds and two Venice style towers:

Montjuic - Barcelona

by Stig Ekelund

ESPAÑA Plaza de España,  Barcelona

by Talavan

Poble Espanyol de Montjuic, Barcelona

by magic surf bus

Unfortunately, the fortress was closed due to reconstruction so we couldn’t see this splendid view.

Barcelona- from Montjuic

by Ziębol

Between the Arts palace and the Spanish square, one of the most ambitious Barcelonese projects has it’s place – the “magic” fountains. For their spectacle, they use as much electricity as a town of 5000 people. But they probably pay off, since thousands of visitors gather every day to see this show.

Montjuïc Fountaines

by toniyoo

That’s all for now, the journey through Barcelona continues here: Barcelona Part 2 – Parc Guell.