Adaptable AZ Desk grows with your child

AZ desk concept by Guillaume BouvetHave a look at this very interesting concept of a desk that can be adapted to it’s user regardless of their age. It’s a concept by Guillaume Bouvet, Lyon (France) based designer and carpenter. Being adaptable and thus reusable, it is both more economic than your regular desk, and more environmentally friendly.

It also looks pretty comfortable, at least comparing to the desks I had while in school. I know I would buy one for my kids. 🙂

The hard thing about buying furniture for kids is that they outgrow it so quickly and you eventually have to get rid of obsolete furniture and buy additional  items to accommodate their expanding needs. Guillaume Bouvet, a designer and carpenter based in Lyon, France, wants to break this cycle of purchasing and waste and has therefore created a desk that you won’t have to toss because it adapts to your child as he or she grows. According to Bouvet, the desk can be customized for users from 4 years of age all the way up to 77 years of age!

Via Inhabitots