A short jump to the Ledinci lake

I’ll be getting back to Barcelona soon, but meanwhile, a user of one of my forums asked for some info about this lake and so I found some:

This miniature lake doesn’t exist anymore, as it was emptied this year, though it can still be found on GE. It was located at the Fruška Gora national park, near the city of Novi Sad in Vojvodina, Serbia. The lake was created when the water engines of a mining company stopped working and the mine was flooded. Here I’ll let you enjoy in this beautiful small lake, at least through photos. Hopefully, the authorities will restore it some day.

Ledinicko jezero height=142

by Dragan Radojević

Untitled height=374

by Lorik Karoly
Ledinci Lake height=375
by arkiss

Here is the 3D representation form Google Earth: