18 cities you should visit at least once in your lifetime


Is it the crowds of people, the buzzing of cars and boats, or the amazing architecture that makes urban travel so attractive? Or perhaps the amount of activities and entertainment you can find around? If you’re into city exploring as much as I am, you’re definitely going to enjoy discovering these cities, and most probably wish to explore those you haven’t already. Or, why not, find new excitements in the ones you’ve already visited. London, United Kingdom Probably the grooviest… Continue reading

Who needs the sea with a pool like this?

San alfonso del Mar pool

The largest pool in the world is located in San Alfonso del Mar, Chile and has over 1 kilometer length, sandy beaches, plenty of space for sailing and windsurfing and much more. San Alfonso del Mar is a private resort in Algarrobo, Chile, about 100 km west of the capital Santiago. This magnificent piece of architecture is 1013 m long, covering 8 ha (20 acres),containing some 250,000,000 litres of seawater, with a maximum depth of 35 m (115 ft). The water is pumped from… Continue reading

Incredibly cheap DIY speakers for your smartphones

Power DIY loudspeaker for smartphones

This video shows us a cool and easy way of making speakers that amplify the sound of your smartphone built-in speakers. Have in mind that you have to make the gaps in the plastic cups as precise as possible, and that the quality of the cups may influence the sound. Also, the painting roll has a better sound isolation than the paper roll. In this other video you can see that a similar but poorly crafted DIY speaker system gives… Continue reading

How micro farming saves both your wallet and the planet

Micro farming pop bottles

While micro farming got very popular during the last decade, the concept has been around for centuries. In the middle ages, peasants didn’t have much land for themselves, so they had to use it wisely. Also, there were no freezers, it took weeks to months to get from one side of a country or continent to another, so most of the food had to be grown locally because there was no choice. With the industrial revolution also came the agricultural… Continue reading

Build up a winning LinkedIn profile


LinkedIn is probably your most powerful marketing tool if you’re looking for either a higher quality client or employer, and your profile on the network shouldn’t be neglected. Here are some tips for making a successful LinkedIn profile that will bring you new professional opportunities. Your profile should be complete and clean So, should you fill it with anything that comes to your mind? No. Take your time to craft and filter the information in an appealing and convincing way. Nobody… Continue reading

How to cut your tomatoes like a ninja

cut tomatos like a ninja

This cool trick will make tomato cutting much faster, easier and cleaner, but unfortunately, it is not always useful, depending on the size of the tomatoes. They should be of approximately equal dimensions, preferrably small (cherries) and firm. If they are gooey, this trick will probably not have the desired effects.

Learn How Google Works with this Infographic

How Google Search Works Infographic

Did you know that Google decides what search results to show you based on more than 200 questions? Or that Google “spiders” start by fetching just a couple of landing pages of a website and then from there they spread and crawl all the links on those pages? This great animated infographic will show you how Google’s search algorithms work, how they decide what results do you get and how much time and information goes into it. You’ll also find… Continue reading

Spend less fuel by only turning right. UPS does!

UPS Truck

It’s not a joke, the reason you’ll never see a UPS truck take a left turn in the U.S. is that they use less fuel that way. Thus they both save money and reduce emissions by slightly altering their routes. And the good news is, you can do that too! In fact, many European cities have altered their traffic flow in order to lower the number of left-hand turns as much as possible. Continue reading

Bunny salad – simple, cheap and very refreshing

This image is just for temporary illustration. By Greg Hewgill (Flickr) [CC-BY-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Experimenting with stuff I have in my fridge, I usually get very interesting and affordable meals, such as the cabbage and carrots salad I recently (re)discovered. While I’ve seen something like this in many restaurants, it’s never as simple and tasty as my own. I named this salad a bunny salad, because it’s two main ingredients are supposedly the bunnies’ favorite treats. No bunnies were harmed while conducting this delicious experiment. The salad basically consists of cabbage and carrots, it’s… Continue reading

Amazing indoors: Atocha train station, Madrid

Atocha train station indoor botanical garden

The Atocha train station is Madrid‘s central railway station serving metro, local and long distance trains. It is a huge architectural marvel featuring a large indoor botanical garden in the lobby. The lush green lobby is lit by natural light coming from the glass ceiling, and is home to a large variety of exotic plants and some pond animals as well, which make it a very pleasant place to spend your time in while waiting for the train. It combines… Continue reading

Discover Stockholm, Scandinavian beauty between a lake and the sea

Stockholms Old Town (Gamla Stan)

I’ve been to Stockholm when I was a kid and I fell in love with this city. The water, the colorful buildings and boats, the lovely old town on an island in the heart of the city, and the jolly spirit of the Swedes, all made a great impression on me, making me wish to come back one day. Stockholm is the capital of Sweden and the largest Scandinavian city with a population of around 2 million (metro area). It… Continue reading

Serbian bean stew recipe – easy, affordable and delicious!

Serbian Bean Stew

Many people think that a bean stew is hard to prepare, but actually it’s a piece of cake! This is my favorite recipe and I stick with it because it’s delicious, practically prepares itself and feeds up to 10 people for less than €10 (in Serbia). What you do need is plenty of time, because depending on how old the beans are, it should be cooking for 2-4 hours (the older they are, the more time they need to get… Continue reading